Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work at the Open Studio

The artist Dennis O'Neil during a printmaking demonstration at the Open Studio, Toronto, plus a few studio members in attendance.

Overdressed at the Drake Hotel

It was a hot day. He didn't need the hat. But I'm glad he was wearing it. It really made the drawing.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Brian took the time for a short portrait - 30 minutes, maybe. It was done with china marker, like most of my sketches.

Sleep of the not quite dead.

Students are the best subjects. There's always someone lying around exhausted in the student lounges, just begging to be drawn.

These boots were made for sitting around and posing.

Danielle is my most frequent (and favourite) model by several orders of magnitude. She doesn't always wear such nice boots, however. Boots by Browns, vintage pants, and bra by John Galliano.
Related: out of all textures, leather is the easiest to draw. It had the advantages of shininess without the rigid linework called for by metal objects.

A reserved character

Andrew is a good man to draw. He wore sunglasses and didn't move much.