Thursday, July 5, 2018

For recent work...

...please go to my instagram account here. It is updated frequently with current and archival work.

For a selection of finished works and concepts, go here.

This blog is no longer regularly updated. It remains, however, a large achieve of artworks. They include:

A large number of free sketchbook drawings in china marker, done from life in the cafe, the university, various airports, lounges, subway cars, parks and bars.

Etchings, mostly printed at the Open Studio in Toronto, Ontario. And also drypoints.

A good number of watercolours, chiefly painted on site in Italy, France, and elsewhere.

A masterly and sombre series of English landscapes done in black ink over the course of three weeks in May, 2011, in the hills of Surrey near Guildford. These remain some of my best work.

A great selection of life drawings, mostly in ink, from the TAP Centre for Creativity in London, Ontario; from Bijan's School of Art, also in London, Ontario; in bondage and kinky costumes, in Toronto; and from the long running Toronto life drawing group, the Collective.

A large array of drawings made by Tarragon Smith on the iPad or iPhone.

Some of Tarragon Smith's beautiful pottery. More of Tarragon's ceramics may be seen (and purchased!) at his commercial site.

More categories are at the bottom of the page.

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